Earth Day

Promotes a global conservation ethic


Earth Day

22nd April

Eco in VR

Visit our amazing planet in Virtual Reality and understand the challenges it is facing. Climate change is an important part of this generation's education. Complex ecological problems are brought to life, along with simple real-life solutions. Issues such as climate change,...

Wild Animals in VR

Experience our incredible Virtual Reality workshop exploring the amazing animal kingdom. Get up close with some fascinating, and occasionally terrifying, beasts! VR takes you on fully immersive journey up close with an animal from each of the classes. Go on a hunt with an eagle swooping at a...

Ocean life in VR

Take your whole class on an oceanic adventure to learn about sea creatures! Go on a journey of discovery with Glido the alien to learn all about ocean creatures. Our expert developers have created brand new content to get up close to dolphins, coral reefs, jellyfish and whale sharks! Aligned to...

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