Why book an Education Group workshop?

We develop and deliver our own unique workshops devised with experts. We have recruited the best professionals and trained every facilitator. Other workshop companies are often no more than agencies. Our inspirational facilitators visit your school to engage the children with our amazing interactive incursions. Teachers also benefit from taking part and learning new techniques. 

Which workshop is best for my school?

Our workshops complement many special celebration events. For example African drumming is suitable for Black History Month, Chinese dance for Chinese New Year. The workshops are designed to align with ACARA targets to bring the subjects to life for the children. Contact a member of our planning team who can advise on the perfect fit for you.

How many children can take part per day?

Approximately 180 (six classes). Sessions typically last 45 mins with six per day. Our workshops have been developed to work with a whole one-form entry school in one day although half days can be arranged to meet your needs too.

Which activities are best suited to each age group?

Our workshops and topics are all adaptable from 4 to 15 year olds. For example, our dance workshop has a variety of choreographed moves suitable for each age group. Our drummers use simple rhythms for the younger children but more advanced polyrhythms with older groups.

Can parents watch?

Our dance and drumming incursions are perfect for the whole school to work towards a performance at the end of the day. 

Do we need to make special arrangements?

We prefer to set up in a school hall or large clear space, but we will try to fit in with your logistics. We usually need a parking space close by to unload our equipment. We advise that children are either barefoot or wearing gym shoes; PE kit is perfect for workshops.

What happens once we have chosen our workshops?

Our planning team is on hand to tailor your day to your exact requirements. Once you have chosen your workshop type and date(s) you will be given access to the user area on this website. Here you will be able to input your details which will allow you to confirm your contract, access your invoice and view your booking details as they are finalised. The team will also be in touch by phone and by email a few weeks before to finalise the logistics and make sure the day runs smoothly. You are in safe hands, we deliver up to 60 workshops a day in the UK and Australia!

Do we need to pay for the workshops in advance?

No. Invoices are generated a week or two before the workshop takes place and are emailed to the booking contact. We allow 28 days for payment after the workshop has taken place.

How much do workshops cost?

Prices start from as little as $499 a day, usually working out at <$3 per child.

Please provide your location, workshop required, number of children, date and specific requests so we can provide you with a quote for your day. We will always give you a price inclusive of costs, travel, equipment and materials. GST is added to our prices but schools are usually able to reclaim it.

We look forward to hearing from you; our planning team is ready to organise inspiring and memorable days for you and your children.

What are your Covid adaptations?

All health and safety compliance checks have been undertaken. All equipment will be sanitised between groups of children using it and each school. Our facilitators will follow the Covid policies of your school.

Please speak to our planning team for more information. 

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